Happy Birthday Sei!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

and aoba and ren and sly and usui and shiroba and kurosei of course v///u///v 

My hand is really ruined so I cant draw anything but ANYWAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY




✿ Aki and Ryo for Ayame1317Taichi@dA

so much fun with the patterns oh goddddsss ´7` And yes they’re both guys °v°  //pinches dat nipple// //coughcough//


ok so yesterday my sis saw the names of my OCs. I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THE WAY SHE PRONOUNCED THEM OMG 

-She said “LerAto” for Lerato. XD The actual pronounciation is “LeratO” *with the accent on the “o”* 

-She got Shinkami's *accent on the “a”* and Lyn's names right thank you. And also Keiti's *”kei-” like in “okay”, and “-ti”, like “tinted”. Accent on the “e”* 

-Said “LAIzlot” for Lyzlot orz. The actually pronounciation is “Liz-lot” *like lizard, and with the accent on the “i”*

- Got Vael’s and Hlaeja’s names wrong, but no wonder. They are Icelandic so I dont really expect people to know that the pronounciations are 

-“Vai” for Vael. Sounsd like “Why”, but instead of a “w”, it’s a “v” like in “velvet”. 

-“Haia” for Hlaeja. Starts with a “hi” like in “hi there”, and “-a” like “alphabet” 

-Then she got to Kayun's name and… I DUNNO WHY WTF she couldnt read it omg was like “Ka-“…”Ka-“……… “K-” “……………”. Ok it was handwritten so maybe she couldnt read my handwriting omg but I laughed so hard XDD 

Ok Kayun’s is actually the weirdest name to pronounce. It’s African and it is like this: 

"Kheiyuaon". "Khei-" like in "okay", but with a soft "h" between the "k" and the vocals. Then the "-yuaon" is just a mush of all 4 vocals together O-O It’s even difficult for myself to pronounce omg. Simplified and fast spoken, it sounds like a plain "-uon". So if said very fast it’ll pretty much sound like "Kay-yuon"

adlkfjalfkj I personally just call him “kayun” with ka like in “cat” and yun like in “universe” pffFFFF TOO LAZY TO STRAIN MY VOCAL CORDS 


THANKS END!!! /)////7////(\


embertheangel said: Dat tattoo….O n O awesome job!

Thanks so muchhh! //crawls into you arms _(:3_)TL


end-spire said: *whispers*((((where are his nipples))))

That’s…a very good question °-° 
ALRIGHT I’LL JUST IMAGINE THEY’RE THERE //opens drawing in sai and adds them 8D


nabihaemi said:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *huggles* have fun doing thattt *Shakes with love* :)

THANKS BABY AAAH! *huggles forever*

Must finish 2 more deadlined drawings first but HUN!! *melts from your love-shake* <333

✿ Custom Gif Adopt for PrinceProcrastinate@dA 

The theme was Phoenix-Dragon hybrid! And military/armor and tribal tattoos~ So many different things in this one! It was fun mixing the ideas together ´u`

Current Custom Gif Adopt Auction: [OPEN here]

Ok I’m too tired to write more _(;ε;_)TL

But basically, I’ll remember this adopt as the adopt that I drew while watching the whole of Lightning Returns walkthrough <3


✿ Character Reference Sheet for oKaiba@dA ´3` <3

Ok this was super fun but OMG DID MY HAND DIE A COUPLE TIMES- the tattoos killed it _(:3_)TL Happy with how they turned out though~ Thank God I was given references for them Φ3Φ

And wow such a long time since flats and clean lines what are clean lines i dont know such things //laughs and sees hands fall off

ok time for bed I suppose ;v; 

Aaaaah okok! Time to fangirl a bit ´7`

So I too part in an exchange event, and this is what I got! °u° Kyone-kuaci@dA drew me my baby Kayun!! /)///7///(\

Look at dem abssss! Look at dat pose!!! And dem abs!! And the awesomeness! AND DID I SAY THE ABS!?

*ok I wrote more but tumblr ate it*o-o

*writes again*

Thank you sooo so much for this aah I could write for hours if my hand wasnt injured! ;7;

I wanna draw my babies now too /u\

This is just so cool AND hot tho aah //melts
//touches him all over
//rubs my cheek on his abs

And the blood’s so cool like aah so in character 8D //has Kayun get his hands dirty with blood all the time in the story OMG


Finals are over! °v°b

Soooo my finals are over!! I’ve been pretty inactive here because of them but this is going to change soon YvY 

I’ve still got a couple of things to take care of but I’ll be posting more frequently here now! ´u`

Must finish some cm work first and then I’ll draw mizusei/dmmd and originals hoho °ψ° I really want to do my best with the artbooks I have planned >3<

Thanks a lot for the follows and all the lovely replies to my drawings! Tumblr eats some of them actually and they’re difficult to track back, but I want you to know that I really appreciate them! ´u` Sorry if I dont reply here anymore! I can’t due to time reasons. Always replying to dA comments though, so if you want to tell me something, I’ll definitely won’t miss it there! °v°b

Have a wonderful day~!


Lyra, bairu’s OC, for Boys-Exchange Secret Cupid °v°

It’s kinda simple but omg sorry I’m in the middle of exams and have no brainjuice left to think of something more complicated orz 

Thanks for inviting me in that exchange~ 

Soon…SOON i’ll have time again to draw mizuseis //rubs hands together in anticipation (°ψψ°)


Lana and Levon for raitokura@dA

This was so much fun aaaah I’m glad raitokura asked me to change the colorscheme because my initial colors were so BRIGHTVIVIDOMFGODMYEYES XDDD