✿ Henzu and Nai’Qin for Mezmere@dA

Heeee those twoooo! /)///////(\ I love drawing them and omg I love drawing Mez’s OCs in general and Nai’Qin/Quinn HNNNNG //faints

//touches his hair <3

Thanks for commissioning me dear! ´7`<3

✿ Mizuseeeeeeeei (/´7`)/

I’ve been pretty sick today (headaches, dizzyness and slight fever). Couldn’t really work, so I decided to quickly draw some MizuSei to relax _(:3_)TL Please excuse the awkward anatomy here and there. No time to fix things

[Fullversion can be viewed here] // WARNING: BL/(R15???)

Music: Taemin - Ace

✿ Illustration done for Memorieal Charity Artbook quite a few months ago~

Thank you very much for inviting me! I got my copy of the book, and the quality is sooooooo good *q* 

You can order your copy here:

✿ Hearts lay side by side, overlapping memories
Those bonds and scars, they link together
I’ll always be close by, the only one your voice reaches
I want to see your smiling face, that’s all I really need.

Rei Yasuda - Mirror 

NuError, Story Extract: Arc 10, The 2nd Eulogia

[You can read it here]

Started working on my project again during my freetime ;7; This story extract was supposed to be uploaded around May but I didn’t have the time to draw something to it back then, so yup _(:3_)TL 

Also, I can’t draw kids .____. WHY ARE THEY SO DIFFICULT (/;A;)/ //flips table//

Eulogia in Greek means "Blessing".

This is Part Two by the way. Part One can be read [here]. There’s a part three, but I’ll leave it for later //cuz I ruined my back drawing all day yesterday so I need a long nice break now OTL  

But aaaah I missed drawing my babies ;u;<3333

//also please ignore any mistakes. English is not my first language  _(:3_)TL

✿ Some sketches of my OC Shinkami from my sketchbook ´u`<333 Drawn yesterday at the beach oh god _(:3_)TL //got so focused on drawing that I didn’t swim at all yay~

Decided to color the first sketch today. Second sketch contains some design-mistakes, because I didn’t have any references at the time *sketchbook is brand new and I didnt have the old one with the actual designs with me °^°*, so I drew everything from memory _(:3_)TL

spoiler: This is Shin’s appearance around the end of the story. It’s his Holo-Bios form~ /)//°u°//(\ 

✿ Fanart, and WIPs of commissions *except the last one which is finished* done in the past weeks.

Characters belong to their respective owners YuY (MisterMya, Disgaeafan, Himeyu all @ dA )

✿ Baby, look at this world
Thrown away like a rotten fruit
Inside you my hot, burning, painful, cold reason
Is forever vanishing

ADAMs - White Caress 
WARNING: Music video contains boys love, death, suicide themes

I really wanted to draw something to this song. It’s inspired by the scene shown in the last couple seconds of the music video. Somehow it was screaming at me to draw MizuSei like that _(:3_)TL

Bigger: [here]
Close Up: [here]

✿ Gift for Taiss14@ dA ´u`

A contest prize for Taiss, cuz she won MisterMya’s@ dA contest! °u° Congratulations again dear! Absolutely loved your entry and your colors! <3 
Hope you like it! \(;7;)/

✿ Gift by rerolune@ dA ;7; 

AAAAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH PASTIE!!! I just loved this so much aaah MizuSei!! ´7`<333 

It was my birthday yesterday, and Pastie was so kind to draw me something ;u; And I loved it sooo so much that I quickly colored it ´7`<333

//and OMG JUST LOOK AT THE SUPER CUTE MIZUSEI CAKE OMG! There’s the Morphine logo on it and Mizuki tear-tattoos aaah ´7`<33333 So sweet!! THANK YOU! <3 //didnt color this one cuz I’ve got no idea about cake colors haha the one in the upper picture is pink-blue cuz of Morphine’s logo XD Plus that I actually wanted it to look like some kind of…jello-cake? Since I love jellies *-* More than cake and chocolate yup YuY

Thanks so much again everyone for the presents and birthday wishes! /)////////(\ Made me so happy //wipes away tears
//will post a journal on dA a couple days later to share and pimp  everyone’s dA haha <3

What’s left behind is me
whom you’ve shed last words for
At the signal of 3,2,1 
your silhouette dissolves into darkness 

Alice Nine - Seven

finished version _(:3_)TL Totally gave up with the placenta orz 

Wip: [here]