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✿  Feeling rather stressed because of work these days so I decided to quickly doodle something for myself ;3; Also used some completely new brushes this time. Wanted to try them out ´o`

I have a couple of headcanons for Mizusei, and this is a little “sidestory”…in a way?? I don’t know aaah I just keep imagining Sei surviving the tower’s fall and everything, but his body is still recovering from the shock and everything he went through the past years (experiements etc.) So during the first months of his recovery he’s unable to talk and is blind.

Of course everything heals later but imagining Mizuki interact with a temporarily blind&mute Sei is /)////////(\ <3

Mizuki would be reading books to Sei so he won’t get bored, or he would give Sei his sketchbook and play games like having Sei draw something and Mizuki guessing what it is (which of course would make them laugh like crazy because Sei drawing with his eyes closed is a disaster and it takes Mizuki at least 5 tries to guess right XD And also Sei loves trolling Mizuki and having him guess forever even though he guessed right lmao)

Or once Sei’s voice gets healed (first, before his eyesight returns) he’d ask Mizuki to describe him what’s outside the window because he can’t see it for himself, and how the weather is and this and that, and Mizuki would probably pretty-up everything a bit. Or he would have to go up really close to Sei to listen to what he’s saying, since Sei’s voice is still rather weak and faint~    

And more and more. //wants to draw more but grrrrr work (ノಠAಠ)ノ

✿ Commissions and quick doodles done in the past couple weeks/days or so  

Characters belong to their respective owners (°v°)ノ  Thank you!

I have so many things to draw oh god I haven’t drawn anything for myself in a week or so, maybe more laksdjflaksdjfaf OTL //works like crazy//   ε=ε=ε=ε=ヽ(°Д°)ノ

· commissions ·

✿ Luce and Vivi for Vaniraa@dA (ノ´3`)ノ✧  (characters belong to Vaniraa and rerolune)

This is a guy and a girl btw °v° Guess who the girl is! (^ψψ^) 
Also drawing sweets is like one of the most fun things _ever_ //and makes me super hungry as well _(:3_)TL

· commissions ·

✿ Custom Gif Adopt for Rozelu@dA (ノ´ヮ`)ノ✧  

Thank you very much for commissioning me! This was so much fun! Really enjoyed working with all the blues and the theme *japanese/fantasy* is something that I love drawing *-*b 
Also found out that item designing is just as fun~ 

Extra coming up later. Gotta run to uni! ε===ヽ(°△°)ノ

✿ A tropic where everyone is dreaming
where I am the only one awake along the melted equator
An unfamiliar tropic where I was sick
The tropic where you left me

Thornapple - Unfamiliar Tropic  

45-55min speedpaints, trying some stuff and colorschemes _(:3_)TL
Also, I wanted to draw something to this song so much, because the lyrics are really beautiful. The numbers before the titles are the number of verses minus 20 //in other words, every drawing corresponds to a certain verse in the song//

I’ve sketched out something for every verse but decided to finish only these six for now ´^` Need to go back to work after all orz

✿ Still standing in that evening, I ponder
I don’t want to die yet, so far I don’t want to
Thinking like that 
I was able to leave the loneliness behind 

And instead of one
We’re _two_ lost children now

Quick 40min Mizusei sketch _(:3_)TL (+extra) //messy and no time to work on it cuz exams are killing me OTL Background is a random sunset image from google btw didn’t draw that of course omg ;u;

Sudden urge to draw the babies after finding out about that band called “Thornapple”, especially their song linked in the flower symbol.

✿ Happy Birthday to my cute endspire@ dA (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  

Have fun today dear! Eat lots of cake and enjoy your presents! ´u` Love you always! image

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✿ Henzu and Nai’Qin for Mezmere@dA

Heeee those twoooo! /)///////(\ I love drawing them and omg I love drawing Mez’s OCs in general and Nai’Qin/Quinn HNNNNG //faints

//touches his hair <3

Thanks for commissioning me dear! ´7`<3

· commissions ·

✿ Mizuseeeeeeeei (/´7`)/

I’ve been pretty sick today (headaches, dizzyness and slight fever). Couldn’t really work, so I decided to quickly draw some MizuSei to relax _(:3_)TL Please excuse the awkward anatomy here and there. No time to fix things

[Fullversion can be viewed here] // WARNING: BL/(R15???)

Music: Taemin - Ace

✿ Illustration done for Memorieal Charity Artbook quite a few months ago~

Thank you very much for inviting me! I got my copy of the book, and the quality is sooooooo good *q* 

You can order your copy here: memorieal.storenvy.com

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